Our business got started to fulfill the need for a dedicated business insurance agency. We have over 40 years experience in the insurance industry. We represent a wide variety of insurance carriers to fit specific needs of our clients. We work with clients in many different industries such as manufacturing, contractors, oil related industries, health care professionals to name just a few.

We take pride in helping our customers manage their risk and devising an insurance program that best suits their needs at the lowest possible rates.Our marketing philosophy is proactive -we anticipate what types of coverages certain industries require and market their business to competitive carriers.

Having been in the business for so many years gives us the advantage of knowing which markets are suitable for our clients – giving them the broadest coverages for the least amount of dollars.

Obviously, insurance is not a luxury but a requirement for all business owners, so there are may agencies they can turn to – we pride ourselves in always marketing our clients business each year – the customer and their needs and financial situations are the most important thing to us – we are a small agency, and since we write business insurance only, we can cater to our clients’ individual needs making sure they are not over-paying for their insurance programs.

At the end of the day, we know that we have gotten the best deals available for our customers!

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